Modern Office

Geek Hub Solution officially use either of the following workspace:  
Google Workspace
Microsoft Office 365 

Google Workspace


When you join a project, you should ask project manager to share team calendar URL, then import it to your Google Calendar.

Subscribe to someone’s Google Calendar. From then on, any update on team calendar will be reflected/sync. 🔄 You should check the calendar on 8:30 AM.

Your team need a shared calendar, and you are chosen to create it, follow Share your calendar with someone

Zoom vs Google Meet 

You will join team meeting in Zoom. Learn How To Share Screen and Annotate

To schedule an online event in Calendar with use Zoom as default meeting platform, install Zoom with Google Workplace.

Your team should focus on code over meetings. Be careful to urge for meeting extend. It’s art to keep meeting the right way. Master it Zoom free is used as it provide timebox of 45 minutes with warning. This is coolest thing in Zoom.

Google Drive

When you join a project, you should ask for access to team Google Drive. Then bookmark the URL 🔖, or Find files shared with you in Drive

Google Drive store different file types (image, videos, diagram, presentation, etc) is stored, shared and secured. Each project have its own Google Drive folder.

Some file type can be displayed directly in Confluence with supported plugin. Tips

Anything that look like a document (.doc, .docx, google docs) → Try Confluence

Spreadsheet without calculation → Try Confluence

Spreadsheet with calculation → Try Google Sheet and link to Confluence

Stop create new file just because you want to keep the old version.

Your team need to share and centralize files. How to organize folder so that you can easily manage access, and let people easy to found things is you objective there.

Google Drive / Geek Hub Solution / Workspace is root directory for Geek Hub Solution.

Microsoft Office 365

Outlook Calendar

Comming Soon

Zoom vs Microsoft Team

Comming Soon


Comming Soon

Geek Hub Solution officially use Slack for instance message and announcement


🎯 Use Slack shortcut keyboards and learn English with the name of each emotions 

  • Ctrl/Command + K for navigation

  • : for searching emotion icons 

🎯 Chat in thread. Avoid spamming others, keep people focus

Configure Slack > Preference > Accessibility v

  • Press 🔼 in the empty message field to Move focus to the message list

  • Practice 🔼 🔽 (to focus message), then Page up Page down (to scroll), then T to start/jump into thread, finally R to leave reaction emotion.